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If you are ready to step outside of your comfort zone and discover a better version of yourself and your organization, you need to speak to Marco
Terry Lipovski
Head Coach Ubiquity Executive Coaches
Marco’s talk was a life-changing lecture indeed. I have lived a difficult past, I have been struggling with depression for over half my life. This year I’ve come to terms with it and wish to overcome the stress but didn’t quite know how. Marco’s talk will be a great start for my journey! I will share my experience with my loved ones. Thank you!
Rachael Li
I wasn't too sure what Marco's presentation was going to be about, but I was pleasantly surprised. My struggle with willpower with food has been ongoing my whole life, I watch my family deal with it to this day. I'm excited to teach my loved ones what Marco taught me this evening.
Senem Irwin

Leadership and Executive Coaching

The complexity of decision-making, driving results and shaping strong culture doesn’t have to be complicated.  Marco guides his clients through the fundamentals of coaching to be an effective change agent. Areas of support:

  • Build listening and rapport skills for more effective communication.
  • Influence and empower through strengthened interpersonal skills.
  • Developing trust and psychologically safe workspaces for improved productivity
  • Integrative approach to motivating change, initiative and high performance
  • Tools and skills to shift from transactional expert to transformational mentor

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learning Teams

Operational learning is essential for organizational growth. Learning Teams are an incredibly effective process to:

  • Engage leaders and employees at all levels in a more collaborative process for generating knowledge and solutions
  • Learn at both the operational and the organizational level
  • Take a proactive approach to learn from leading indicators
  • Build and strengthen a learning culture over a consequence culture

Learning Teams can be implemented in 1.5 to 2 hour time slots over 1 or 2 days and can generate valuable information and actionable solutions from your most valuable resource – the frontline employees. Contact me to learn more

Individual and Team Coaching

Coaching is a great way to:

  • Discover strengths and unlock potential
  • Generate solutions and strategies
  • Dramatically improve outlook on work and life

If you are looking for a thought-provoking and safe process that inspires your team members to take action, embrace and make new possibilities happen, give me a shout. We can meet in person or work virtually


Additional Coaching

When prioritizing the development of their teams, leaders often place their personal well-being on hold. Marco also draws on his vast experience as a certified wellness professional to promote a balanced approach to success. Managing work/life conflict as well as championing and maintaining physical, mental and social health are key factors in workplace performance for both leaders and their teams. 

Marco is also available for speaking engagements that offer inspiring and thought provoking messages to support your team or event.

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